I am a passionate photographer, who dreamed one day that he could capture all the moments lived and be able to share with others what I have discovered, learned. 

I have dual nationality, Portuguese and South African, but because I´m as small as any humanbeing in the world, I have only chosen a small part of the world to share with you through Photography.

I chose my Portugal.

Portugal holds almost 900 years of history as a country. Not everything was just beautiful stories. Good things and less good things were done to the world. But like all the stories of this world, there are beautiful ones and not so beautiful ones. We must believe that we found out that learning will help us grow and build a better world.

In my gallery you many not find the most famous sites and the most beautiful photographs. You will find moments and a little piece of the stories I have learned about.

It´s impossible to share everything I have photographed. But believe me, I have travelled around Portugal a lot. I had to start somewhere, so what about this first 1500 photos, and then we will continue. 

You are all welcome, not only to virtually travel around my gallery, but to visit yourself and feel it. 

Welcome to WePortugal

By Paulo Garcia Martins

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